Welcome to this Amazing Travel Guide on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka was rated by Lonely Planet as the top destination for good reason. In fact, there is no doubt that Sri Lanka will remain a top tourist destination for travellers for a long time in the future. Sri Lanka is blessed with great geographical diversity from sun baked golden beaches to the hill county with its cool climate and great tea plantations, rainforests and mountain ranges.

For Nature Lovers, Sri Lanka is “Paradise”.

Sri Lanka is Paradise if you are a nature lover – as most of us are. With over 90 species of mammals from elephants to leopards, bears and monkeys and around 400 species of birds, butterflies and over 70 snake species, there is so much to love and take in as you explore this wonderful country. If you are into rainforests – you would be surprised that there great rainforests just a couple of hours drive from major population centers.

Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle is the place to explore and marvel.

Sri Lanka has 8 UNESCO heritage sites – and that is a lot for a small country. Six of them are Cultural Heritage sites while two are Natural World Heritage sites.

Beaches and Surf

Sri Lanka is famous for its stretches of golden beaches and is home to one of the best surfing destinations in the world. Mention Arugam Bay to any surfer and their eyes would light up instantly and they would know exactly where it is.

and so much more ……

Our small but amazingly beautiful country offers everything a discerning visitor could ask for – safe environment, delicious food, friendly and welcoming locals, top class hotels, good transport, cultural experiences, adventure opportunities, shopping and more.

We are delighted to share the many wonders of this beautiful country.